We Were Born to Shine
Ruth Stafford, M.Ed
Author, Master of Education, Reading Specialist
About Ruth Stafford
 My career as a teacher was a love affair blended with hope, and a belief that all of us are placed in this world with a specific plan. My prayer is that I contributed, in some way, to each of my student’s discovery of the talents and special abilities that made him or her unique. I believe that all children that possess the logic to learn can learn, as long as the curriculum is logically sequenced. In forty-six years of teaching, I have never worked with a child who could not learn or who was unable to read. I truly believe we were all born to shine. There is something significant and special to love in each child. I will always treasure and cherish the memories created by each student’s uniqueness.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to contribute to my fellow man. Not I, but Christ in me.
We Were Born to Shine
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